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At Curbside Upfitters, we’re not just builders; we’re consultants, designers, & innovators. With a blend of craftsmanship and ingenuity, we transform ordinary vehicles into extraordinary ventures. Expand your brand, drive revenues, test new ideas, engage new customers, or support existing markets with a unique experience on wheels. Our well defined process is sure to deliver beyond your expectations.

DRIVING Success.


Businesses We’ve Mobilized

Businesses We’ve Mobilized

Our Creations Across America

Bringing Innovation to Every Corner of the Country

Embark on a journey across the United States, and you’re bound to encounter the unmistakable presence of Curbside Upfitters’ custom creations. From bustling city streets to remote countryside highways, our vehicles stand as testaments to innovation and craftsmanship. With a legacy of success that spans coast to coast, Curbside Upfitters has become synonymous with excellence in mobile entrepreneurship. Join us as we continue to redefine the landscape of business on wheels, one customized vehicle at a time.

Our Process

Our Process



This is where we learn the What, Where, When, & Why about your plans to go mobile while you gain a more detailed understanding of How our process works and Who we are! From our initial call we can give you a quick estimate on a budget and timeline for your Specialty Vehicle or Food Truck concept. Give us a call today!


& Design

A computerized layout,equipment specs, costestimate & warranty
information will bepresented for yourapproval.



We order & track everything previously agreed upon and set a production start date for your unique project. You can expect weekly progress reports and pictures for you to engage with your community.


Testing & Training

We utilize a comprehensive Quality Control process throughout which is capped off with a series of stress tests so we are certain your equipment will perform as expected. Our motto is OVERBUILT by DESIGN. That means multiple redundancies to keep you operating.



We will stay with you past the finish line. Way past. We will be here as your experts after your mobile business hits the road so that you can maintain your vehicle to its fullest potential. We can also service and rebuild specialty vehicles.

Goin’ Mobile

Expand your brand by reaching new customers every day. Meet rising demand
for new experiences. Go wherever the action is and be an important part of
your community.

We understand that mobile entrepreneurs are an entirely different breed. You are proud enough of your products and services that you are willing to take your business to your customers. Pet Grooming Vans and other mobile specialty businesses can participate in a wide variety of local and regional events. You’re not just relying on people to come to your fixed location. You’re getting out there and participating in your community!

Very, very knowledgeable staff. They have a fantastic process and absolutely thrilled with the work they did! Highly recommended!

Jeremy Schwegmann

Let’s Talk

An actual conversation seems hard to come by in today’s age. We find it important that we
connect with our customers on a level beyond business, so when you call us you can expect
to chat with our sales executive Ren. Whether it’s a question or an inquiry, Ren and the
CU team is here to help get your business onto some wheels.

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